Supply Chain Management

Actrans recognises that adequate storage space is one of the most challenging issues in the modern business environment as global supply chains are increasingly complex and multi-dimensional. To support your sourcing, manufacturing and distribution activities in multiple countries, Actrans offers highly customised solutions to cater to your unique requirements that include packaging, distribution, inventory management. With our effective warehousing solutions, you can secure space in key locations, move products quickly, and pay only for the space you use. As we are connected to all modes of transportation, we ensure that our esteemed customers are served effectively at every stage of our service. Objectives:
  • Accommodate the rising ecommerce requirements by providing custom supply chain solutions for all modes of transportation.
  • Receive goods into the 3PL warehouse and manage storage until the goods are ordered or required elsewhere.
  • End-to-end solutions through our long-term partnerships, competitive cost management, and continual development, we are devoted in assisting you to achieving your global, regional, and local strategic objectives.